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Line Smoothing Injections (BOTOX)

1 areas = £119
2 areas = £198
3 areas = £198 (amazing offer)
A series of tiny injections are injected directly into the problematic area.
Botulinum toxin can be used to treat:
Crows Feet
Frown lines
Brow lines
Lasts 3-6 Months.
Free consultation, with no obligation

Frequently asked questions

What are anti wrinkle injections used for?

They are used for treating frown lines, forehead furrows, peri orbital lines (crow’s feet), lip (smoker) lines. It is also used for preventing excessive perspiration in underarms and hands and to reduce the effects of ageing on the back of hands.

Is anti wrinkle treatment safe?

Yes, it has been approved by the US Agency for cosmetic use and has been used for over 30 years in the NHS without any known long-term problems.

How does anti wrinkle treatment work?

The Botulinum toxin blocks the nerve transmission to the muscles under the skin. Facial lines formed by the dynamic action of underlying muscles then diminish or disappear.

Who is suitable for anti wrinkle treatment?

It is suitable for most people apart from those who are pregnant or breast feeding or those who suffer from certain muscle disorders.

Are anti wrinkle injections painful?

Not really, most people only experience a mild temporary discomfort.

How will I look after the treatment?

There is a slight redness immediately after, which settles within a few hours. Application of ice helps and it is easily covered with makeup.

What can and can’t I do after the treatment?

Within 4 hours of the treatment people are advised not to do vigorous exercise, drink excessive alcohol or lie down flat. Otherwise life can carry on as normal.

When will I notice a difference?

It starts to work in about 3-5 days. The greatest effect is seen after about 1-2 weeks.

How long will anti wrinkle treatment last?

3-6 months depending on each individual’s own response. Repeat treatments have been shown to last longer.

Does it leave my face numb?

No. There is no sensation change to your skin.

What are the side-effects?

It is a very safe treatment. However, side-effects can occur but are rare. They can include slight bruising at the injection site, slight drooping of the eyelid which would only last for a week or so, and headaches.

Will it ‘freeze my face’ and leave me expressionless?

No, definitely not. Our training enables us to minimize any possible loss of facial expression by injecting specific muscles responsible for the wrinkles.